Clan Rules!

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Clan Rules!

Post by Bullfight on Mon Feb 27, 2017 6:10 pm

Follow the RuneScape rules!

-No Begging.

-No Scamming.

-Stay Active.

-No multi-clanning.

-Be helpful: Don't exclude anyone for any reasons besides not being a rank in the clan.

-No Bossing without a rank in the clan. If they aren't a part of us, then have them apply. If they don't apply, sucks to suck. The answer is no.

-You are allowed to boss with outsiders and they can join the cc, but you are not allowed to pull trips from within the cc with people who have not been accepted into the clan (having a smiley rank or higher).

-Always log your drops on the forums. Make sure the person who GOT the drop is posting their own loot. This helps us to easily keep track of who got what loot. We don't want to be jumping around the forums.

-Upon getting a drop, please hand it to the highest rank on the trip, our rank system ensures the higher ranks are trusted completely. This rule applies to ALL GWD significant drops (any item with a god in its name or special drops from the bosses) and ONLY Sigil Drops from corp. If you don't follow these rules after being warned, the following will happen based on items valued under 50m:
         -1st offense your rank and pts will be set to 0
          -2nd offense will result in a ban from the clan
Anything over 50m will result in an instant 2nd offense.  This rule is applied to help protect all of our members and if you DO NOT SPLIT THE ITEM you will be blacklisted and reported the the RS Justice website.

-In most cases the tank will receive all Godsword shards, bandos boots, Steam Battlestaves UNLESS discussed before hand.

-All drops are split among the group which also includes smaller drops to help pay for supplies unless discussed before trip. Smaller drops at corp for example do not need to be split except for onyx bolts, elixirs, cannonballs (only 5 man and under)

-Any Trips that include 7 or more people, are able to make the trip semi FFA meaning drops lower than 2m value are not split. This must be confirmed before the trip starts.

-No Pulling Pk trips in the clan, (includes all members in the clan, not just advertising in the cc) no warning for this, it merits an instant removal from the cc and a pending ban. YOU ARE ALLOWED to PK but do not pm random clanmates.  We encourage everyone to trust each other but for the safety of our members old and new, do not ask or accept trip offers from people you barely know.  
   - If you have been friends, IT'S OK to PM friends to PK but don't try to go down the clan list asking.
   - Limit trips to a max of 3 PEOPLE!! If anymore than this, it will count as a clan trip and not "just friends PKING" which would then result as pulling trips from the clan...which ofc is against the rules.

- No Player harassment: Banter is fine, it's harassment if you're throwing insults at a target when they're not interested in going back and forth

-If any problems within the clan occur please take screenshots or video the situation. Problems include scamming, extreme racism, or being left out of trips due to anything other than not meeting the cb lvl requirement. We are not babysitters. If you feel the need to argue, try to resolve the issue between yourselves before bringing it to any mods/leaders. Any hear-say or accusations without proof will be dismissed.

As of December 30th 2016 a new rule will be implemented, If a person dies and/or disconnects at Godwars Dungeon/Corporal Beast, then the person who died and/or disconnected will be counted IN THE SPLIT for FIVE kills after the person has died. For example if the tank dies, and then 3 kills later the other people apart of the trip gets a drop, then the tank will be included in the split as well. However, if the people still remaining on this trip get a drop SIX kills after the tank has died, then they are not required to split with the tank.

Asking for a rank in the clan chat will now result in the use of the strike system. If you get three strikes you will be banned from the clan chat for 48 hours.

Strike and Warning system for our rules.

A warning is merited for anyone in the clan who breaks a minor rule of the clan without any prior offenses. The warning will hold no consequences on the persons in-game experience other then the next warning they get will result in a strike.

Strike One: If a person of the clan has one strike, then this means they have broken two minor rules of the clan and did not listen to the previous warning they recieved. If a person has one strike there is no in-game consequence for them besides that the next warning they get will result in their 2nd strike. The 1st strike will be removed after a week of following the rules.  (If a non-member of the clan has recieved one strike then they will be kicked from the clan for 24 hours, this is because they are not a true member of the clan and they have obviously not read the rules.)

Strike two: If a person of the clan has two strikes, this means they have broken the rules of our clan three times. As a result of the 2nd strike the play will lose the ability to go on clan trips with the clan. They have shown that they can not follow the rules of the clan and they should not reap the benefits of being in a clan if they themselves cannot act civil in the clan chat. The second strike will be removed after a week of following the rules. (Non-members of the clan should be banned by this point and will not be allowed back into the clan chat.)

Strike Three: A third strike will result in a 48 hour ban from the clan chat. They will be allowed back into the clan chat after the alloted 48 hours and they will have three strikes. If a person has three stikes they have lost all abilitys that any other clan member can do. They are not to be allowed to organize/go on any trips with the clan. They cannont ask for loans from any clanmates and they cannot talk in the discord. The third strike will be removed after two weeks of following the rules and they will remain at two strikes.

Any breaking of rules in a major rule will result in a instant kick from the clan. Examples can be racism, extremely profrane and insulting language. Any insulting a staff member of the clan in a serious way, Ex. "You're a fucking idiot and you don't even deserve to be staff you stupid shit."

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