Clan Requirements!

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Clan Requirements!

Post by Bullfight on Mon Feb 27, 2017 6:14 pm

Edit: As of 6/15/2015 we are proud to announce some new changes to the clan requirements, some having to deal with combat and others dealing with account goals necessary for higher level pvm.*

They are as follows:

Combat Level / Stat Requirements:

You are required to be level 100+ combat to be a full fledged member of our clan if you are a melee only account!

For any ranged based pvmers, you are required to have 90 range in conjunction with either 90 def OR 90 hp to join solely as a range tank.

Feel free to apply as a Zerk / Pure. If you choose to do so, your application will be reviewed by all 3 owners and approved / denied based on your overall stats and PvM experience.

Account Progress Requirements:

Dragon Gloves or higher from the Recipe for Disaster quest.

70 Prayer AND the Kings Ransom quest completed for Piety.

If you don't meet the above requirements you can be accepted as an apprentice rank. Very Happy

On Going Requirement for all members:

There is no bossing requirement as of right now, maybe in the future!

Stay off of the RS Blacklist. [Any members that are added or are currently on the blacklist (with adequate proof of course) will be removed from the clan]

*There are two exceptions to these requirements, one of them is being a staff member of the clan. The other is being from the previous clan and having seniority in this clan.

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