How Tank Points work

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How Tank Points work

Post by Bullfight on Mon Feb 27, 2017 6:32 pm

The tank point program is a program designed to get more people in our clan chat tanking at Bandos/Zammy. People who tank at these two bosses will receive tank points towards an in-game rank up.
This is how the tank point system will work:

If you are the tank of a trip, you must either get a picture of everyone's FINAL room kill count OR you can take a picture of all of your teammates General Graador/Kril kill count before going into the room, then at the end take another picture of all of your teammates kill counts. You also must get a picture of you tanking at least one kill. You will then post these pictures in the thread allotted for them and we will update how many points you have.

For EACH kill your team gets on the trip you will receive ONE tank point. To rank up to 2 stripes you must have 200 tank points. To rank up to 3 stripes you must have 500 tank points.

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